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We specialise in high quality oboe cane for the entire range of instruments of the Oboe family. Our company is based in Europe and our aim is to supply the best quality oboe cane possible by exercising the most stringent cane selection and production procedures.

Exercising the most stringent selection and production procedures, all cane is personally selected and manufactured by hand with the aid of the most advanced equipment available. We believe that by supplying consistent good quality cane the difficulties of oboe reed making can be minimised.

Cane for the oboeWe also understand that finding the right cane for you may take time and a little patience. It is our objective to help you find the cane type that will work for you. That's why we encourage you to try various diameters, densities, gouges and shapes until you have the desired sound, intonation, resistance and stability you desire. We will gladly guide you in seeking what you need.

Any unused cane that is not suitable for you may be exchanged or returned for a refund; see our Returns Policy.

For our Oboe players who are confused by the many parameters we have to offer, we have always suggested a standard by which we recommend you start. If you encounter any problems with your reeds, we will suggest how you can change or improve the problem and naturally exchange any unused cane you return to us.

On our Reed Making FAQ's page we shall post many of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to visit and let us know your own opinion about how you solved certain problems. Or send us a question about a problem you wish to solve with your own reeds.


Our web shop offers tube cane, gouged, gouged & shaped cane and reeds for the entire oboe family:

  • Oboe
  • English Horn or Cor Anglais
  • Oboe d'Amour
  • Musette
  • Baroque Oboe
  • Baritone Oboe
  • Baroque d'Amour
  • Heckelphone
  • Oboe da Caccia
  • Classical Oboe

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