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Gouged and shaped cane (Baroque oboe)

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per piece

The types of oboe cane we offer depend on the availability and quality of the previous seasons. Due to the varying rainfall and climate from year to year and from region to region we seasonally test as many cane sorts as possible, but only purchase the best quality available.

Our cane has five main variable parameters:

  • Diameter
  • Gouge Thickness
  • Hardness/Density
  • Shape
  • Centre/Side ratio
Click here for a shape parameter chart
Shape No. Instrument Tip 10mm 20mm 30mm End Length
H124 Baroque oboe 8.60 8.10 6.80 5.20 4.00 74mm
H77 Baroque oboe 8.80 8.50 7.50 5.30 5.00 75mm
H82 Baroque oboe 8.60 8.40 7.40 4.60 3.40 81mm
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