Gouged and shaped cane for Baroque Oboe

Product number: BAOB-FASS-X Manufacturer:
Whereas Oboe shapers are relatively similar to one another, for Baroque Oboe they are highly variable.

Not only the width, but also the form ("Taille") vary massively from shaper to shaper. Recommended - as always with Oboe reed making - is to try different shapes until you've found the right one for you.
Shape 0mm 10mm 20mm 30mm 40mm 50mm Length Equivalent
Hörtnagl MT 7,7mm 7,3mm 6,6mm 5,3mm 3,8mm 3,2mm 93 Michael Taglinger
Hörtnagl 121 8,4mm 8,1mm 7,6mm 5,6mm 3,6mm - 76
Hörtnagl 58SS 8,8mm 8,5mm 7,4mm 6,3mm 6mm 5,9mm 93 Sybille Schreiber
Hörtnagl 152 9,0mm 8,6mm 7,4mm 4,7mm 3,7mm 3,6mm 90
Hörtnagl 125 9,25mm 8,7mm 7,0mm 4,2mm 2,2mm - 76
KS 9,3mm - 67
Our comprehensive list of shapers helps you choose the correct one for you.