Gouged and shaped cane for Classical Oboe

Product number: KO-FASS Manufacturer:
The Classical Oboe uses far wider shapers than the modern Oboe.
Shape 0mm 10mm 20mm 30mm 40mm 50mm Length Equivalent
H13 7,9mm 7,8mm 7,7mm 6,2mm 4,3mm 3,4mm 93
H116 8,1mm 8,0mm 7,6mm 6,7mm 4,9mm 3,6mm 92
H59 8,35mm 8,3mm 7,6mm 6,6mm 5,0mm 3,9mm 93
H122 8,5mm 8,35mm 7,7mm 6,5mm 4,75mm 3,7mm 93
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