Pregouged cane for Cor Anglais

Product number: CA-PRE-X Manufacturer:
Our pre gouged cane for Cor Anglais enables you to start directly with the gouging - without all the usual preamble.

The cane is prepared using the same criteria and processes as our gouged or gouged and shaped cane. The cane is available in grade differences of 1/2mm.
Shape 0mm 10mm 20mm 30mm 40mm 50mm Length Equivalent
Hörtnagl 29 7,8mm 7,7mm 7,1mm 5,3mm 3,2mm - 86
Hörtnagl 54 7,8mm 7,8mm 7,3mm 5,9mm 4,1mm 3,9mm 87
Hörtnagl 23 7,9mm 7,8mm 7,2mm 5,6mm 3,6mm - 82
Hörtnagl 13 7,9mm 7,8mm 7,7mm 6,2mm 4,3mm 3,4mm 93
Hörtnagl 116 8,1mm 8,0mm 7,6mm 6,7mm 4,9mm 3,6mm 92
Hörtnagl 80 8,1mm 8,0mm 7,7mm 6,7mm 4,9mm 3,8mm 93
Hörtnagl 123 8,2mm 8,1mm 7,7mm 6,4mm 4,8mm - 93
Hörtnagl 61 8,2mm 8,1mm 7,8mm 6,8mm 5,1mm 3,8mm 93
Hörtnagl 80+ 8,25mm 8,1mm 7,8mm 6,8mm 5mm 3,9mm 93
Hörtnagl 59 8,35mm 8,3mm 7,6mm 6,6mm 5,0mm 3,9mm 93
Hörtnagl 136 8,4mm 8,2mm 7,2mm 5mm 5,2mm 4,7mm 93
RC1 8,5mm - 93
Hörtnagl 122 8,5mm 8,35mm 7,7mm 6,5mm 4,75mm 3,7mm 93 Rieger