About us

oboecane.com was founded in 2000 by the oboist Nick Deutsch in Frankfurt. The aim was to give oboists high quality cane from tube cane through to gouged and shaped cane. Under Nicks direction, and for the first time in Germany - if not worldwide - gouged cane and shaped cane for oboists was hardness tested.

Hand over

After his appointment as Professor of Oboe in Leipzig, Nick decided to hand over oboecane.com to oboe-shop.de
Many will ask themselves if the cane is the same from oboecane.com as from oboe-shop.de as the owners are the same. This question is completely justified!

On the grounds of efficiency, and of those which do not affect the quality of the cane, we have outsourced work to oboe-shop. The storing of cane and machinery as well as the shipping of orders is also run by oboe-shop. We can however promise that oboecane.com has the same quality criteria, reed making equipment and cane suppliers as before, and because of this is very different to oboe-shop.

Our reed cane only comes from France. We believe that French cane - regardless of new sources in China, Argentina and Turkey - still remains the very best. We also do not mix up the harvest years and suppliers. Oboe-cane has one worker who is responsible for the production of our gouged/gouged and shaped cane.

Hardness tested or density tested?

We believe that measuring the hardness - as well as the density of the cane - greatly improves the reed making results; both have their place in the reed making lives of oboists. We have however chosen to specialise in hardness testing and therefore only offer hardness tested cane.