Gouged cane for Baroque Oboe

Product number: BAOB-GOU-X Manufacturer:
We offer gouged cane for Baroque Oboe in two sizes, a diameter of 13mm or 14-15mm.

The available thickness of the cane ranges from 61-63/100 to 72-74/100mm.
Shape 0mm 10mm 20mm 30mm 40mm 50mm Length Equivalent
Hörtnagl MT 7,7mm 7,3mm 6,6mm 5,3mm 3,8mm 3,2mm 93 Michael Taglinger
Hörtnagl 121 8,4mm 8,1mm 7,6mm 5,6mm 3,6mm - 76
Hörtnagl 58SS 8,8mm 8,5mm 7,4mm 6,3mm 6mm 5,9mm 93 Sybille Schreiber
Hörtnagl 152 9,0mm 8,6mm 7,4mm 4,7mm 3,7mm 3,6mm 90
Hörtnagl 125 9,25mm 8,7mm 7,0mm 4,2mm 2,2mm - 76
KS 9,3mm - 67