Gouged and shaped cane for Oboe d'Amore

Product number: OBDA-FASS-X Manufacturer:
from 3,00€ per piece*
We also offer many different shapes for Oboe d'Amore, to help suit your individual reed making needs.

Are you struggling to choose the correct shape for you? It's no wonder, as reed making for your alternate/doubling instrument is not as routine as with the Oboe. Oboe d'Amore's also vary much more instrument to instrument than Oboe's tend to, which makes choosing the right shape even harder.

My tip: the H32 seems to work well on all d'Amore's!
Shape 0mm 10mm 20mm 30mm 40mm 50mm Length Equivalent
Hörtnagl 33 7,3mm 7,2mm 6,2mm 5,0mm 3,2mm - 75 Pfeiffer Schulman
Hörtnagl 32 7,4mm 7,3mm 6,8mm 5,3mm 3,6mm - 75
RCOA1 7,44mm 7,32mm 4,84mm 4,0mm - 76
Hörtnagl 31 7,5mm 7,2mm 6,5mm 4,7mm 3,4mm - 78
Hörtnagl 20 7,5mm 7,3mm 6,7mm 5,3mm 3,8mm - 75
Hörtnagl 97 7,55mm 7,5mm 6,95mm 5,5mm 3,7mm - 75
Our comprehensive list of shapers helps you choose the correct one for you.
1 piece 3,20€ / piece from 25 Pieces 3,10€ / piece from 50 Pieces 3,00€ / piece